Trustee and Executor Disputes


A common dispute that arises in estate litigation occurs when beneficiaries or others with an interest in an estate believe that an executor or trustee is not fulfilling his or her obligations or acting in violation of their fiduciary duty.

When an executor or trustee is appointed, it is often the first time they find themselves in that role. In some cases, they may not have the knowledge or skill necessary to properly fulfill their obligations and to act in the best interest of the estate. In other cases, they may purposely abuse their power and act in their own best interest.

What Happens if an Executor or Trustee is Not Fulfilling their Duties?

Several legal options are available to concerned parties where a trustee or executor is not fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations.

These include:

Before any action is taken by a beneficiary or other interested party, a consultation with an experienced estate lawyer is advisable. A lawyer will explain the options available, will help you formulate a game plan, and can represent you in any legal proceedings that may be necessary.

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