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Your Partner in Navigating Complex Estate Litigation.

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Why Choose Derfel Estate Law

At Derfel Estate Law, we stand out as your premier choice for comprehensive and expert handling of a wide array of estate litigation matters. When it comes to safeguarding your interests and navigating the complexities of estate disputes, our firm excels in the following key areas:

Powers of Attorney

Entrust us to guide you through the intricacies of powers of attorney, ensuring that your legal arrangements align with your intentions and protect your interests.

Trust Disputes

Our trust dispute lawyers are well-versed in resolving trust disputes, providing strategic solutions that align with your goals and maintain the integrity of your trust arrangements.

Trustee/Executor Removal Disputes

When disputes arise over the appointment of a trustee or executor, We stand as your advocate, utilizing legal expertise to navigate removal challenges with skill and efficiency.

Challenges to Executors

Should you need to challenge an executor’s decisions, our firm is ready to provide knowledgeable representation, ensuring your concerns are addressed with precision and effectiveness.

Removing an Executor

Trust us to navigate the complexities involved in removing an executor, offering comprehensive legal support to protect your interests and uphold the integrity of the estate.

Passing of Accounts

Our team is adept at handling passing of accounts, providing meticulous review and representation to ensure transparency and fairness in the financial aspects of estate administration.


Insights from Those We’ve Assisted: Client Experiences

Barb Hardy
I have had an exceptional experience with Stephen and Lesley . I cannot thank Stephen enough for his due diligence in making my new venture of entrepreneurship a positive transaction. I would not hesitate to use this firm once again as I have been a customer for over 15 years! Thank you Stephen and your wonderful team ✨🌟
Ken Noakes
Just completed a business transaction using Stephen Sforza as my lawyer from this firm. Would highly recommend him along with their staff. Very professional and most of all very thorough with all the work they provided Their service was efficient and exactly what I needed to conduct this transaction
RPI Hockey 1995
Amazing professionals. Very helpful to my clients in need of wills updating.
Wesley LaPlace-Postel
Great staff professional and extremely understanding. Thank you for everything
Stephanie Barber
We engaged the services of Devry Smith Frank LLP to support with the purchase of our new home. We dealt primarily with Kelli, Sarah and Holly, who were very helpful and always provided timely responses to our many questions! I highly recommend DSF and would use their services again.
J Clifford
Amy Jephson and Cheryl Hill were instrumental in ensuring my divorce was as smooth and painless as possible. Both Cheryl and Amy were patient, diligent, and proactive in guaranteeing my matter was resolved quickly. I was extremely fortunate to have chosen them, as their ability to explain the procedure and advocate on my behalf (securing a positive outcome) was exceptional. Thank you, Amy and Cheryl, for all your help!


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